Feb 2015

Added 2014 JEEP Grand Cherokee!  Chrysler, Dodge, and FIAT customers should contact us if you have question about your vehicle’s compatibility.

Nov 2014

After many months of work, we are proud to announce that obdCANeX Lite now works with the OBDLink MX Wifi Module! It will now work with both Bluetooth and Wifi. MX Combined2

Oct 2014

Added 2013 Dodge Journey (No Start/Stop) Key Fob functions; Lock/Unlock/Driver Unlock/Panic – ON-OFF

Aug 2014

iPhone/iPad and Windows Phone applications development are on hold until further notice.  We apologize for the set-back and will resume development in the near future.

Feb 2014
* Making great progress on our iPhone and Windows Phone obdCANeX Lite Apps!
* Expect release by June!

Jan 2014

  • Added more GM vehicles to our list!
  • Added more products and inventory!
  • Testing the MX WiFi module!
  • Testing the new obdCANeX Lite Windows 8 phone App (WP8). See Apps/Microsoft tab.

Dec 2013

  • We are combining obdCANeX LITE with obdCANeX C to allow user selection of vehicle models.  Expected release in mid-January 2014.  Current users will be able to upgrade for FREE!
  • New inventory of products! Check out the popular LX module!

Oct 2013

  • New inventory of products! Check out the popular ECUsim Simulators and OBDLink SX module!

May 2013

  • 2012 Opel (manual transmission): We finished testing our newest app on a manual transmission 2012 Opel. An update to our obdCANeX™ Lite will soon follow.

April 2013

  • 2012 Camaro (manual transmission) : We finished testing our newest app on a manual transmission 2012 Camaro. An update to our obdCANeX™ Lite will soon follow.
  • We recently developed a FORD Radio Panel app for a client who replaced his vehicle radio panel with a 7 inch Android device, to control all the radio functions, while integrating all Android functions like; GPS, Pandora, eMail, and Calendars.


January 2013

  • We are excited to announce that obdCANeX™ LITE NOW has VOICE COMMAND! Command your vehicle to Start and Stop engine, Unlock and Lock doors! Device must be capable of voice recognition & speech to execute FOB controls via voice. obdCANeX™ LITE will still function to allow vehicle Engine Start/Stop, Unlock, Lock, Unlock Driver, and Horn functions

October 2012

  • obdCANeX™ is a hit at the SEMA show in Las Vegas!


obdCANeX™ software demonstrated at the exhibit booth using OBDLink MX module.





obdCANeX™ LV (Limited Version) was demonstrated at the SEMA convention and was a success! We received many inquiries and private industry interest.




Watch the video!

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