Frequently   Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. obdCANeX LITE is a limited version of the full version.

A YouTube video exists showing our full version capabilities. DO NOT assume obdCANeX LITE version will provide the same functions and features – it DOES NOT!

1.) WILL NOT: Control Windows
2.) WILL NOT: Move Seats (only control heated seats if installed on some models)
3.) WILL NOT: Change the DIC Display texts
4.) WILL NOT: Control the Radio functions.
We DO NOT sell the full version.
2.  Which vehicles will obdCANeX LITE work with? obdCANeX LITE was designed and built for GM and Chevy vehicles from 2007 to 2014, and some Dodge 2013 and JEEP 2014 models.**obdCANeX LITE does NOT WORK with other vehicle make or model beyond what is listedWe will expand our app to work with other vehicles in the near future and will announce their inclusion and post updates on our web site, email distribution, and Google Play. **Always refer to our tested Vehicle listing on the main page for the latest updates.
3.  What about GM and Chevy vehicles earlier than   2007? obdCANeX currently works with GM and Chevy 2007 and above, and some Dodge 2013 and JEEP 2014 models. We have discovered that a few earlier models may have OBD/CAN control and will accommodate   them soon.**Always refer to our tested Vehicle listing on the main page for the latest updates.
4.  Will obdCANeX work with my ELM327 OBDII   adapter? NO.  obdCANeX was built around the OBDLink MX module which incorporates SWCAN protocol.  The unique and robust   STN11xx chip inside the module provides this communication bridge.
5.  How far from my vehicle will obdCANeX work? obdCANeX communicates using an Android paired Bluetooth or WiFi device.  Typical distances are from 3ft to 100ft and vary based on;

  1. Type of Android device
  2. Orientation to the vehicle; front, side, back.
  3. Windows up or down
  4. Location of OBD port
  5. Barriers around the vehicle (other vehicles, buildings, etc.)

Note: WiFi Modules tend to have less range

 6.  How can I achieve longer distances? As listed above, certain conditions which may impede or block Bluetooth communications between the Android device and the MX module vary.  To achieve better distances, we offer OBD II  extension cables in which you can route the MX module from under the steering column to above your dash board. We also have an OBD flat ribbon cable extension as well.  You may find cheaper OBD extension cables on eBay, but we found some do not work at all, and you get what you pay for.
7.  How can I use obdCANeX on more than one of my vehicles? obdCANeX will connect to multiple MX modules.  By adding another MX module to another vehicle, and after pairing to your phone, you can select the desired vehicle and function.
**Always refer to our tested Vehicle listing on the main page for the latest updates.
8.  Is my vehicle safe from hackers when the MX module is installed? This is  always a good question.  We are not aware of anyone hacking an MX.  The security feature is built-in to the Android device’s Bluetooth pairing service.  The only way to pair the MX with a device is by pressing the small pairing button on the front of the MX and selecting the pairing access code on your device.  Keep in mind that ANYTHING can be hacked – eventually.
9.  Do you have a DEMO version of obdCANeX? Sorry we do not.
10.  I purchased obdCANeX C and it did not work.  What can I do next? Customers have purchased the wrong app version based on their vehicle make and model.  We will send you a link to the updated obdCANeX LITE after providing your Google Play purchase number.  obdCANeX C was built for certain model vehicles and sold separately from obdCANeX LITE.  We have incorporated both into obdCANeX LITE and will work with the vehicles listed on our web site.
11. What about the FORD panel on your web site? We work with customers to provide application programming services to meet their needs.  This application was conceived by a customer and we assisted in design and development.  He removed the front bezel and installed an 8 inch Android device to control his radio and added other Apps for GPS, PANDORA, and Phone.  Voice control was also utilized. **Always refer to our tested Vehicle listing on the main page for the latest updates.
12. How do I receive a refund? Always refer to Google Play return policies.  Remember that software installed on your device is considered ‘services rendered’ and typically non-refundable.  A refund is no problem, however, you must agree to uninstall the application and must provide your Google Play order number.
13.  Why are customers dissatisfied with your product? We receive this question often.  We clearly state that our App ONLY works with 2007- 2014 GM and Chevy vehicles and some Dodge 2013 and JEEP 2014 models.  Customers have purchased the App for their   Volvo, or European Opel Astra, or FORD, and were disappointed that it did not work and subsequently left negative feedback.  We strive to achieve customer satisfaction and will continue to work with our customers to improve the design and functionality.
14.  Just   received OBDLink MX Bluetooth and even though the BT light is flashing on connection to car, My Phones (3) cannot pick it up when Scanning for Bluetooth   Devices Please press the small detent on the front of the MX to initiate pairing by the MX.   It should then show up on your phones Bluetooth query.
15.  Will obdCANeX work with iPhone? iPhone/iPAD app development is currently on-hold.  We will update development status soon.
16.  What about support for Microsoft Windows 8 phones? We have stopped development of Windows based phones due to low interest.
17.  obdCANeX works on my vehicle, but it is not listed on your web site. GREAT!!! Send  us the Make, Model and year and your name. We will show this on our web site?   – THANKS
18.  Where are the controls for Window, Radio, Seat movement, and other functions we saw in videos from your YouTube site?.
These features are NOT included in the obdCANeX LITE versions.

We started with vehicle functions like windows and radios, then looked at door locks and engine start/stop.  We decided to produce and App that would be universal to most models and have the functions available on key FOBs.  Windows, Radios, and Seat movement were “novelties” and a challenge.  We did think folks would be interested in these features in the App.  We do offer research services if you want us to provide specific control or informational functions.  Contact us if you have questions.



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