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obSniffer™ Lite

***obdSniffer is currently undergoing updates to comply with Google Play software requirements***

This App only works with ANY BlueTooth OBD Module (NOT WIFI!)

  • Apply AT/ST Commands
  • Monitor ELM OBDII data
  • Execute your own OBD Scripts for personal control and filtering of GM LAN and SW LAN data protocols.
  • Apply special filters to capture specific data packets (great for reverse engineering!)
  • FAST communication terminal with scrolling data display
  • Build your own OBD command scripts 


Download obSniffer Lite User Guide



 Mini Terminal Mode.
  •  Send AT/ST Commands
  •  Send your scripts
Enter Script Edit mode to design your Scripts.

Script Name: “Device ID”

Command: AT@1
Add multiple AT/ST Commands, Save as a Script and execute with one action!
Import Saved scripts.  Send and share scripts to other obdSniffer(tm) users.
Edit existing OBDII AT/ST Commands or Scripts.
 Screenshot_2016-02-15-11-27-50Save and load data capture files!
Add or Delete OBDII AT/ST Command.
File options.

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