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obdCANeX™ brings vehicle control solutions unlike other software or application industry.

We strive to accomplish unique consumer and industry control of vehicle metrics and parameters to benefit fuel enhancement, engine and sensor support, security, tracking, and control capabilities through calculated and responsive OBDII analysis and proprietary AT/ST protocols.



We utilize advanced Controller Area Network (CAN) and OBDII hardware to safely interrogate and evaluate a vehicle’s communication and command bus infrastructure, protocol, and interface environment in providing mobile and network application development for remote and Smart Phone/PDA vehicle control.


obdCANeX LITE is a limited version of the full version.

  • A YouTube video exists showing our full version capabilities.  DO NOT assume obdCANeX LITE version will provide the same functions and features – it DOES NOT!


1.) WILL NOT: Control Windows

2.) WILL NOT: Move Seats (only control heated seats if installed on some models)

3.) WILL NOT: Change the DIC Display texts

4.) WILL NOT: Control the Radio functions.

We DO NOT sell the full version.

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